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Baron Fig

Branding / Visual Design

Baron Fig

Revamping the Digital Style Guide for a Startup Stationery Brand

Branding / Visual Design

Brand Principles

The first step was to define the brand’s voice and mission and capsule them into three Brand Principles.

Brand Principles.jpg

Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility guidelines were created to improve the user experience of the brand’s online presence, also to give the brand a consistent look and feel.

Accessibility Guidelines.jpg


The original Baron Fig site used Brandon Grotesque and Proxima Nova, two very similar looking typefaces, for headlines and bodies respectively. For the new design, I used the sans serif typeface Raleway(black) for headlines to give the brand a modern and utility feel. For bodies, I used Alegreya(regular), an elegant serif typeface, to create an appropriate contrast against headlines and a clear sense of information hierarchy.


Color Palette

The new color palette is a tonal variation of the original color palette. The saturation was also increased to give the brand a more modern and dynamic look.

Color Palette.jpg

Buttons, Forms, Icons and Illustrations

The new icons and illustrations continue to follow a minimalistic style, with rounded corners and more details added to be more friendly and illustrative.