Designer / Creative Hybrid

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Designs + Illustrations

A Collection of Miscellaneous Designs and Creations.

Odds + Ends 

A Collection of Miscellaneous Designs and Creations

My Role: Branding / Packaging Design / Character Design / Apparel Design / Illustration
Toolkit: Sketch / Photoshop / Watercolor / Pencil / Fabric Dye / Sewing Kit





Breathing life into an 87 years-old coffee brand

Chock full o’ Nuts brand refresh, packaging design, visual design, and brand collateral design





A bedtime story with a twist

“How High Can Those Bugs Fly?” is a children’s story I conceived and illustrated. Inspired by "The Fly," a 1922 short story by Katherine Mansfield, it reflects my understanding of human condition as an optimistic pessimist.

Copywriting: Evan Hilton



Character Design


A brand-new Marvel Superhero

Introducing Asha Puri, the latest member of Marvel A-Force.
Animated 3D rendering coming soon



Apparel Design


A t-shirt concept for Za’atari Refugee Camp volunteers

Za’atari is a refugee camp in Jordan which has gradually evolved into a permanent settlement; it is the world’s largest camp for Syrian refugees. It was first opened on 28 July 2012 to host Syrians fleeing the violence in the ongoing Syrian Civil War that erupted in March 2011. As of July 2018, it has an estimated population of 78,552, with 44% being children of age 11 and below. I designed this volunteer t-shirt with the goal of practicing human-centered design and spreading awareness for the camp. The prototype packs practical functions like way-finding, signal light, and makeshift mask to help volunteers combat with various daily situations.





Casper “Riser Types”

People naturally wake up in different ways. “Morning person” and “night person” shouldn’t be the only two labels people attach themselves to. Casper can set them up for a better morning by helping them recognize their Riser Types.





Slice of Life

A story of my life so far, narrated by my best friend ~ Pizza ~.



Editorial Design


Snap Lens Business Playbook

There are many ways to create business value with Snap AR Lenses. I designed a handbook for small businesses and Snap creative partners to discover the best Lens solutions for their business objectives. This guide can exist both as an interactive webpage and physical mailer.