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Manara Experience

A cultural hub to explore the past and build the future.

Manara: Beacon of Time 

A cultural hub to explore the past and build the future

Disney Imagination Competition Entry / Group Project / 4 Weeks

My Role: Experiential Design / Art Direction / Illustration / Research
Toolkit: Wacom Tablet / Photoshop



Built during the reign of Ptolemy II around 280 BC, the Lighthouse at Alexandria (Egypt) was considered to be the world’s most marvelous wonder and humanity’s most greatest architectural achievement. It attracted admiring visitors from all over the world. However, it ceased to exist around mid-to-late 14th century due to natural and war damages.

How can we create an experience at the original site of the Lighthouse, where a wide range of guests can explore what it had to offer in the past?


The Lighthouse was a symbol of Ancient Alexandria’s illustriousness as the world’s greatest city at the time. Blending both Egyptian and Greek design elements, it guided ships safely ashore, gathered people of different language and culture, helped them exchange goods and ideas and connect with one another.

It is a shining example of how cultural blending and multidisciplinary collaboration lead to innovation and prosperity. We can create an experience to remind people of this powerful cultural truth, which is more relevant than ever.


Manara: Beacon of Time is a family-friendly attraction that celebrates the cultural significance of the Lighthouse of Alexandria through timeless architecture, transportive design, interactive challenges, themed bazaar and restaurant, and more.

Our mission:
“To shine a light on the history of Alexandria and help guide the world to envision the bright future that lies ahead.”




Experience Overview



Experience Backstory and Walk-Through

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Lighthouse of Alexandria, reimagined

Manara (“Light” in Arabic): Beacon of Time is housed in a four-level structure, with the top three levels above the sea level and the base level below it. The building uses white marble and sandstone - two of the most popular architectural materials during the Ptolemy Dynasty - for its exterior as a way to honor its Greco-Egyptian root. The top level of the building is crowned with a ring of light and the rest is covered in a metallic coating. It reflects the sun during the day and emits light after dark, embodying the name “Beacon of Time” while serving as a continuation of the original lighthouse’s navigational significance.



Meet the Guardians: Ra, the God of Sun, and Poseidon, the God of Sea


second FLOOR

Complete the quest, dispel the curse, restore the light, and unlock the Lighthouse



Enter the lighthouse and create a vision for the future



Replenish at Poseidon’s Den and shop at Ra’s Bazaar



Jackie Koon - Experience Designer
Rachel Zhou - Experience Designer