Designer / Creative Hybrid


Rit Dye

Reinventing a 100-year-old brand through digital and product innovation.

Rit Dye

Reinventing a 100-year-old brand through digital and product innovation

Group Project / 4 Weeks

My Role:  Concept Development / Visual Design / Product Design / Experience Design / 3D Modeling / Research
Toolkit:  Cinema 4D / Sketch / Photoshop



Helping Rit Dye break free from its current brand misconception as a maker of niche DIY products reserved for serious crafters


Showing casual crafters that fabric dying is an ownable skill and there is no reason not too try it out


We can help the casual crafters get over their fear of dyeing by simplifying the dyeing process and improving the consistency of the dyeing results


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Physical Product Innovation

New Packaging + User Instructions

One of the three barriers to the mass adoption of Rit products that we identified is the inconsistency of dyeing results. Through research, interviews and product testings, we came up with a few ways of improving the inconsistency issue, including a complete redesign of the existing packaging and three product innovation concepts. 


Physical Product Innovation

All You Need To Dye™ Kit

For the first time dyers, dyeing can be an intimidating process. Not only the result might not turn out as expected, but there is also a chance of ruining your clothes/furniture and making a big mess that’s hard to clean. To make dyeing a less intimidating process and a more popular activity among hobby crafters, we created a “Rit All You Need to Dye Kit” that includes tools and products like a waterproof tablecloth, swappable spray head, dye remover and more. 


Physical Product Innovation

Dye Blending Marker

Color variation is another major pain point among the inexperienced dyers that we discovered during our research. So we created a blending tool for minimizing color variations and missed spots.


Physical Product Innovation

In-Store Dye Mixer

The original Rit liquid dyes come in 90+ colors, but only a dozen shades are carried by major craft stores, and even less by big box stores. We created a dye mixing machine that can mix a fresh bottle of any color out of the thousands of colors cataloged in Bit Color Library. This mixer can be installed at Rit’s major retail partner like Michael’s and Joann’s Fabric.

Rit Dye Mixer.jpg

Digital Product Innovation

Web Extension - “1,000 Ways to Dye”

In order to turn casual crafters' considerations into actions, it is crucial to provide them with an abundant amount of resources and inspirations. Therefore, we created “1,000 Ways to Dye”, a web-based Project Prompt Randomizer for the official Rit website.


Integrated Campaign

Social + Digital Promotion

These colorful visuals aim to quickly communicate the campaign message “It’s Time to Dye“ to the target audience, and remind them that there is an easy way to revive their “dying” clothes.


Integrated Campaign

Experiential + Partnership


Integrated Campaign

Print Communication


Integrated Campaign

In-Store Marketing



Ari Abad - Brand Strategist
Paul Atienza - Brand Manager
Lou Guy - Brand Manager
Emily Mayberry - Art Director
Tobi Oluwo - Experience Designer
Nick Waddell - Copywriter