Designer / Creative Hybrid

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Sage by AARP

Advocating for sexual health and activity in later life

The Sage Initiative by AARP

Advocating for sexual health and activity in later life

Group Project / 6 Weeks

My Role: Visual Design / Experience Design / Illustration / Research
Toolkit: Sketch | Photoshop | Keynote



Our society’s bias and stigmatization against sexual activity among older adults has proven to be detrimental to their emotional and physical health


Showing older adults that there is no age limit to healthy sexual activities


A multi-platform campaign aimed at provoking conversations, instigating actions and removing stigma and misconceptions 


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AARP Magazine x The Sage Initiative Special Edition

We chose AARP, whose mission is to “enhance the quality of life for all as they age,” to be the mother organization of our advocacy. With more than 47 million readers, AARP’s award-winning flagship publication AARP Magazine (issued monthly) becomes the platform for the launching of our initiative.



The Sage Initiative Official Website is the central hub hosting the Sage Initiative’s educational resources, events and news. It establishes the advocacy’s online presence and keeps its audience informed and engaged beyond the active period of other marketing channels. A web page entirely dedicated to the Sage Initiative is also created on for additional exposure and online traffic. 

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Sage Mobile Coast-to-Coast Tour

Throughout the year, AARP hosts pop-up “Block Parties” at various events and festivals across the country. We will attend these AARP Block parties in our branded vehicle the Sage Mobile - a 1962 Volkswagen camper van that brings our message to life. During the tour and at the events, we spread awareness for the cause by distributing the special edition AARP Magazine and branded merchandise. 



Paid + Owned Instagram Content

Animated Instagram posts are used to capture a younger audience, highlighting the universal nature of sexuality and ageism.

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Magazine and OOH Communications

Printed advertisements are created for OOH posters and publications with readership demographics similar to AARP Magazine like Reader’s Digest.



Lauren Acampora - Art Director
Dixon Muller - Copywriter
Megan Reilly - Experience Designer