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VR Design Process


Sustainable VR Marketing Guidelines

Design Process




UX & UI Considerations

After 4-weeks of taking online courses in VR experience design, reading papers by industry visionaries like Mike Alger, and testing various VR apps, I learned quite a few interesting things about 3D interface design and human ergonomics, among many other things. I tried to apply these learnings throughout my design process. They helped me setting up a solid basis for the app and informed my design decisions.




I used Sketch and photoshop for designing the app menu wireframes, and used WebVR for prototyping and testing.



Style Guide

Style Guide.png


UI Iteration

I iterated the app UI design by tweaking following variables and testing the resulted versions with people of different sizes.

- Color palette
- Font & element size 
- Element opacity
- Element distance & angle in relation to the player camera



Assets Creation

Most assets I used to compose the scenes in VR app are readily available in Unity Asset Store. 

For custom assets like the “product placements” in Lesson Two - Summer Camp, I constructed and packaged the models in Cinema 4D and then imported them to Unity as prefabs.


Target User Base

Who do we serve?

Primary Target: Advertising professionals and students
Secondary Target: Educators



Tying it together