Designer / Creative Hybrid


Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Celebrating 50 Years of Magic

Independent Project / 1 Week

My Role: Concept Development / Art Direction / Visual Design / Animation
Toolkit: Sketch / Photoshop / Keynote / Final Cut Pro



Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. For many brands, an anniversary is a time to look back. But as a company, Walt Disney World Resort is trying to show its vision for the future. How can we create a connective tissue between Walt Disney World’s legacy and its future?


Research shows that even though millennials are becoming increasingly apprehensive about the future, they crave for meaningful, transformative experience for their families and themselves. They are the most compassionate, attentive, and responsible generation of parents, and they would like to be recognized as such.

Walt Disney World has the power of providing a unique learning opportunity and unforgettable bonding experience for the whole family, regardless of its members’ age. By focusing on the positivities of the past and excitingness of the future, Walt Disney World can elevate its brand affinity among skeptical millennial parents.


For Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, we invite grandparents, who visited WDW during its inaugural year to re-live the Power of Magic along with their grandchildren. We also invite the internet to follow their journey of intergenerational bonding and self-discovery and join the celebration by commenting and sharing their docu-diaries, or - better yet - create their own.


WDW 50.png


50 Years of Magic Web Experience

Follow along the heartwarming and inspiring journey of family members two generations apart discover and re-discover the Power of Magic.



Facebook Campaign

Sponsored Facebook posts will be placed to draw visitors to the campaign web experience. These posts feature vibrant visual design, succinct and inspirational taglines, and candid portraits of the docu-diary protagonists with a goal of grabbing the audience’s attention within seconds and prompt them to share the content with their own family members.



Instagram Campaign

Sponsored Instagram posts will be placed to draw visitors to the campaign web experience. These posts are longer forms of the sponsored Facebook posts, featuring snippets of the docu-diary series that showcases a variety of the park’s attraction, entertainment and dining options, with a goal of prompting the audience to like, comment and save the posts.